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Ready for IFA: Guided tours for best agers

For seniors

Introduced with great success in 2012, IFA 2022 is again offering guided tours for best agers as part of the "Ready for IFA" program.

The 60+ Guided Tour offers information on current topics relating to consumer electronics and household appliances. Available daily, the two-hour tours feature IFA exhibitors presenting their products and innovations along with expert advice in an age-appropriate way. All IFA product highlights are included: from health trackers, tablet computers and TV sets, to smart devices that bring more comfort and convenience to everyday life.

Pre-registration at ifa@factory-c.com is required.

Guided Tours for best agers take place daily between 10-12am.

Meetingpoint is the south entrance behind the entrance at the red carpet at the IFA exhibition grounds.

Pre-registration at ifa@factory-c.com is required.

Daily between 10 and 12 a.m.    
Meeting Point: South Entrance Miele Hall 2.1, Stand 101
  Kärcher Hall 4.1, Stand 213
  BSH Hausgeräte Hall 1.1, Stand 101
  Okai Hall 3.2, Stand 208
  Leica Camera AG Hall 2.2, Stand 205